Links2 Golf Network (Pacific Links International)

Links2 Golf Network (Pacific Links International)

Royal Wellington golf club have joined up as a Reciprocal Club of the Links2 Golf Network.  Membership is free and the relationship greatly increases the number and variety of world-wide courses that our members can play at a significant discount.  Given many of our members enjoy travelling and golfing we expect that this added benefit of Royal Wellington membership will be greatly appreciated. 

ThisLinks2 Golf Network reciprocal agreement does not carry those very special benefits and privileges that we enjoy with our own reciprocals clubs but does provide the following

Four rounds per 30-day period at participating clubs with a pre- payment of discounted green fees – generally 50%. 

To book your Links2Golf course please  register here  and then use their online booking portal giving a minimum of 14 days in advance to a maximum of 60 days.

There is no need for the Royal Wellington office to provide a letter of introduction

You can see a full list of the participating courses here