Starting Golf for Women

Starting Golf for Women

Golf is an ageless activity, with so many ways to play. You can be active and hang out with your friends at the same time, you can meet new people, and you can just play for fun without even having to keep score!

It can be a technically difficult game to learn so we have developed a pathway with a range of options that makes the steps-to-learning as simple and fun as possible.

9 & Wine 

Twice each month, on the middle and last Sunday’s from 1pm we host a ‘9 & wine’ event. It begins with a warm up on our practice facilities with coaches on hand to help and answer questions, before heading out on to our Terrace course to play using the ‘It’s Okay Rules’. Afterwards, we all meet back at the Club house for a relaxing drink.

This is suitable for first-timers and learners, and anyone else who wants to come along for a fun, relaxed afternoon.

$10 for members and $35 for non-members.

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Beginner Golf Rules

We want to make it easy and enjoyable for beginners to play on course with forward tees that make the course shorter and over fewer holes such as a 3-holes or 6-holes. 

As a beginner it can be a bit daunting when heading out to the course for the first time. Here are a few ‘rules’ to help with misconceptions that you have to play by the real rules.

It’s Okay:

  • To not keep score
  • To tee the ball up wherever you like
  • To forget about a lost ball and just hit a new one
  • To pick up in the middle of a hole and just enjoy the walk
  • To only count swings when a connection is made
  • To share a set of clubs amongst friends
  • To use the same club for a whole round and a putter on the green

Women’s learner friendly tee times 

Sunday’s at 1pm – Every Sunday we have ‘Women learner friendly’ tee times.  This means you can play at these times on the alternate weeks from 9 & Wine. For those that feel ‘up to it’, on weeks where we do have 9 & Wine, you can come a little earlier for a warm up and use these times to ensure you get 9 holes in before coming back for a wine after.   

‘Eastern Belles’ – Friday’s at 3pm – For those that have a little more flexibilty around their work lives we have a group for Women wanting to play 9 holes. This group would suit those that are ready to do ‘a full 9’. Scoring is completely optional and the main goal (other than completing 9 holes) is to be back in the Clubhouse within 2 hours for a post round drink!

Of course, if you get a group together yourselves then you can play at almost any other time. 

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We have set up a closed Facebook group that you can choose to join to connect with others in our 9 & Wine database to arrange games and post photos. To join the group click here


We are fortunate to have friendly and helpful coaches, led by our Head Golf Professional Simon Muckley, who offer individual and group options to help you learn.

Beginner clinic series – These 5 week introductory courses are a great way to get started! For groups of 6-8 people, the hour & a half lesson each week these cover all of the areas you need to get you going on your journey.

The cost is $125 per person for the 5-week course. Equipment is provided.

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Membership/play options  


Pay-as-you-go package 

This is ideal for those who have completed the beginner series of lessons, or are returning to the game and want the option to get some games and practice in before committing to a membership.

It includes 5 rounds of golf on the Terrace course with a bucket of balls for the driving range for only $175.

Terrace membership

Our Terrace course membership allows unlimited access to the Terrace course along with the other benefits of membership. It also allows access to a small number of fun golf events held on the Heretaunga course each year and access to our reciprocal agreements with other Clubs both domestically and internationally.

$1695 per year. Add-on options for practice and storage are also available.

Full playing membership

Full playing members have unlimited playing rights across both the Terrace and Heretaunga courses and all benefits of membership.

$3485 per year. Add-on options for practice and storage are also available.

Family membership

If both parents are in either the Full playing or Terrace membership categories, then any children under the age 19 can become Junior members at no cost!


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