Dress Code and Etiquette

Dress Code and Etiquette

Royal Wellington is a members’ golf club with a proud history and strong golfing traditions.  The club seeks to provide a welcoming and enjoyable environment for its members and their guests, and visitors, on and off the course. 

We request all members, guests and visitors to respect the club’s dress expectations, so that all can enjoy the course and the facilities the club has to offer. 

On most occasions, the expected standard of dress at the club, including the practice range, is smart casual.  Special dress requirements may be notified for events and functions held in association with major golf competitions.  For evening and some other functions, a jacket and tie may be required of men.

For all members, guests and visitors, please refrain from wearing denim clothing.  Branding or logos should be discreet.  Shirts that just cover the belt may be worn outside shorts, pants or trousers.

For men, smart casual means a collared shirt, or polo-neck; tailored shorts, or trousers; and socks that complement the colour of clothing.  

For women, smart casual means a collared shirt, tailored pants, three-quarter pants, or tailored shorts and skirts.  Socks should complement the colour of other clothing.

Where members, guests and visitors are playing golf, the above golfing attire and clean shoes, including spikeless golf shoes, may be worn in the clubhouse prior to or following play.  Please don’t go further than the changing rooms with headwear.  Shoes must be worn inside and clean before entering the clubhouse.

For members, families and guests who are using the tennis courts, tennis attire and tennis shoes are expected.  Swimming attire should only be worn in the pool area.  There are changing rooms available at the swimming pool. 

This code also applies to junior members and children 8-years and older accompanying members.

Dress expectations for those who attend corporate functions at the clubhouse, or corporate golf days, will also be smart casual

Mobile phones

Devices may be used on silent mode throughout the club house, including the 19th, 20th and dining room and on the outside terrace in front of the club house. This policy allows for the checking of texts, booking tee times, checking emails, calendars and sighting competition results. Devices may be used for the making and receiving of calls in the locker rooms, the Sprig Bar and the car park. Mobile phones are permitted to be used throughout the club house and on the course, but they must be non-audible in the club house or in the vicinity of other players. In all cases, their use must not impact negatively on the enjoyment of other golfers.

Speed of play

All four balls should complete a round in four hours. To ensure this is achieved, players should:

  • Be ready to play at all times;
  • keep up with the group in front or allow the group behind to play through;
  • leave a green immediately after they have holed out;
  • play a provisional ball immediately if it is possible that a ball has been lost or is out of bounds; and signal the group behind to play through if it becomes apparent that a ball will not be found.


Players should enter and leave the bunker on the low side. All bunkers should be raked after playing a shot. Rakes should be left outside the bunker, lying flat on the ground and pointed in the direction of play (parallel to the likely flight of the ball).

Divots and Pitch Marks

Players must replace divots. Pitch marks should be repaired.