To be introduced in New Zealand in April, 2020
World Handicapping System (WHS) – What you need to know.

Extended Details

• WHS to be introduced in New Zealand in April, 2020
• All handicap indices will at that time be re-calculated using the new WHS formula
• All historic scores at this time will not include the new playing conditions calculation (PCC)
• Change in Handicap Index formula calculation
• The best 8 of your most recent 20 scores will be used
• There is a new method of reduction for exceptional scores which stays part of your calculation for the next 20 scores to be entered
• There is a limit on the outward movement of a Handicap Index, with the maximum change an increase of 5.0 over a rolling 12 months. A soft cap will trigger once the outward movement reaches 3.0.
• The new formula will review scoring records and from 2nd March a WHS Handicap Index will be active for all members
• The maximum Handicap Index for both genders will be 54.0
• When establishing a new handicap index, a player will need to complete 54 holes.
• There is a recommendation for score cards to be entered daily
• The new Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) is a daily analysis of scores and may move a course rating up or down based on scores that would normally be expected and, if applicable, is applied in calculating the scoring differentials of all players
• Handicaps are updated daily
• 9-hole scores will be scaled up to an 18-hole score for handicap purposes
• All 9 holes must be played
• A new Course Handicap formula will be introduced making the game more inclusive and resulting in 36 stableford points representing golf that means you’ve played to your handicap
• Course Handicap = Handicap Index x (Slope Number / 113) + (Course Rating – Par) Example: 23.1 x 123 / 113 + 69.6 – 72 = Course Handicap 23 (2019 course handicap was 25)
• New course handicap conversion charts will be available for download
• Your Handicap Index will be equitable anywhere in the world