To mark the 125th anniversary of the founding of Royal Wellington Golf Club, we are presenting a short-illustrated essay on an aspect of the club’s history. Written by club member and historian Michael Kelly, these will cover a wide range of topics that tell the story of our illustrious club’s history. 

Chapter 6 – Land Development. 

When the club took possession of its new land at Heretaunga in 1907 it was the proud, if indebted, owner of approximately 81 hectares of farmland. Of this, about 52 hectares was set aside for the golf course and amenities and the rest either placed in the hands of a syndicate of members to be disposed of for private sale or left unused. The area set aside for the course was more than sufficient to hold 18 holes and related facilities, so the club’s boundaries remained constant for a number of decades.

During its early history, the club’s fortunes ebbed and flowed; it initially had to get its finances into a sound position and then struggled through the Depression and World War II. The 1950s ushered in a golden period; the club’s coffers were filling and the membership list was moving slowly. In 1951, the club’s foresight and penchant for planning kicked into gear…..

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