Membership Categories & Application Form

Membership Categories & Application Form


Membership fees below can be paid in monthly, quarterly or 6 monthly installments


Members who have unlimited playing rights i.e. can play on both of the club’s courses and use all of the club’s other facilities.
Annual subscription $3,485  Annual subscription $1,900 Annual subscription $995


As of March 1, 2024 the entrance fee of $1,000 has been waived for the first 20 New Zealand based Full Playing new members aged 30 years and older who join before 31 May 2024.

This exclusive offer also includes:

  • A complimentary $50 range credit
  • Two guest passes to share the Royal Wellington experience with friends or family


Members who have unlimited playing rights i.e. can play on both of the club’s courses and use all of the club’s other facilities, enjoy reciprocal rights with other clubs, and can play in all club competitions.

Gives Full Playing members  a package that includes with your annual subscription three other items being: range membership; bag/trundler storage; and changing room locker for one price of $4,085. This is a savings of $385 compared with purchasing all four items separately. For example, those who like to practice will certainly gain the benefit of the unlimited range balls from having range membership, the standalone cost of which is currently $600.

Annual subscription: $4,085



This category particularly suits our members with young families who use the facilities such as the, BBQ swimming pool, tennis courts, house and practice areas and saves the parents the inconvenience of paying guest fees for their children while here. Should an entrance fee be introduced in the future any membership fees that have been paid will be credited against that prevailing entrance fee.
11 years to 19 years. 0 – 10 years

Annual subscription: $385 per annum

Annual subscription: $220 per annum


Members who want to play predominantly on the Terrace Course, with some opportunity to play on the Heretaunga Course such as some special club events and when the Terrace Course is unavailable for maintenance. This category allows full access to all of the club’s other facilities, and reciprocal rights with other clubs. Annual subscription: $1,695.

Terrace members can introduce guests on the Terrace Course for $40 for 18 holes and $30 for 9 holes.  Terrace members can play the Heretaunga Course up to 5 times per year at the members Guest rate.


A person may become an International Member if he or she meets such requirements for admission as an International Member (including, without limitation, any applicable requirements as to character verification and the payment of any applicable international  entrance fee and annual subscription fee) as the Committee may stipulate from time to time.


A special category for those who wish to use the club’s facilities other than to play golf such as attend club functions, use the clubhouse, swimming pool and tennis courts. Annual subscription: $490.  For those wanting to have their handicap held at they can do so for another $65 per annum.


A special category for those who wish to use the club’s facilities, play golf up to 10 rounds per year on Heretaunga Course or 20 (18 hole) rounds on the Terrace Course, with their handicap held at New Zealand Golf.  Annual subscription $1,315 per annum. 


The Club wants to encourage families and young people to use the Club’s facilities and to become Club members. With this in mind the Club has developed a Family Package.

If both parents or guardians are members whose subscriptions are paid up to date and they are either both Full Playing, or, one is a Full Playing member and one is a Terrace member or Associate Member, then any of the children of whom they are parents or guardians and who are 19 years of age and younger at the start of the Club’s financial year (1st March) are eligible for Junior membership of the Club at no additional cost.

Once such a child reaches the age of 20, he or she would move to the Full Playing 20-25 year category at the start of the next financial year of the Club at the subscription rate charged at that time. If both parents or guardians meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above, or you would like to upgrade your membership category to take advantage of this package, please contact Kim Kerr at the office to register your relevant children for Junior membership.

This only applies to children permanently residing in the family home, who are in our two youngest age categories of Junior Member of J2 (ages 11 through 19) and J3 (ages 10 and younger). The package does not apply to grandchildren.


Companies who would like to entertain staff or clients at Royal Wellington. We have packages available to suit your requirements, which also afford some flexibility over the number of guests you can bring, depending on tee time availability. To be arranged on enquiry.

Other Services

Storage – Clubs Only


Storage – Clubs & Trundler


Storage – Clubs & Electric Trundler




Range Membership – March – Feb


Range Membership – Sept – Feb


How to become a member

The membership process is simple and quick. This process takes around two weeks or so to complete. While an application is being processed the prospective member is able to use all the facilities including playing golf with a member.

Once the process is complete payment of annual subscription is required, which is pro-rated from the time of joining. There are payment options available including Monthly, Quarterly or six-monthly instalments.

Just complete the Membership Application form below. You need to be nominated by a Full Member who has been a member for two years  If you don’t know a member, who would nominate you, don’t worry we will facilitate an introduction to a member who can help you with the process. Alternatively give either Kim Kerr or David Service a call on 04 528 6900 and they can talk you through the options

Membership Application